What is MPS-ABC? Environmental certification aims to guarantee the quality and sustainability of the entire floriculture sector. Nobody can do that alone. Goal is to create even more value for our sector and help make it more sustainable. Certification plays an important role in this and contributes to the strong image of Dutch floriculture.

More than just a certificate

MPS-ABC is more than a certificate. It is a monitoring tool that allows  us to push the right buttons to reduce our impact on the environment. By recording usage, it is measured how sustainably our company produces. This leads to a more conscious use of resources and we can use the data to make the business more sustainable.

You can also view the information about MPS-ABC on the website MY.MPS


GLOBALGAP is an initiative of a number of large European organizations within the food production chain. This certification is necessary to be able to supply products in the trade chain.

Customers can check whether companies are actually certified, because a central registration takes place.

The main objectives of GLOBALGAP include:

  1. Maintaining consumer confidence in quality and food safety.
  2. Minimizing harmful effects on the environment and protecting nature.
  3. Reducing the use of pesticides.
  4. The more efficient use of natural resources.
  5. Promoting a responsible attitude towards the health and safety of employees.

GGN/GLN: 4063061301581

The GRASP module is a risk assessment in the field of social aspects. GRASP protects the social criteria within the sector. These are, for example, contracts and salary.

You can also view the information about GRASP on the GlobalGAP website.

Sedex helps companies identify, manage and correct ethical risks in global logistics chains. With Sedex, information is shared in the areas of labor, safety and well-being, environment and business ethics. 

Supplier Company Reference ZC82741649

More information about Sedex can be found: www.sedexglobal.com

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